Thinking of downsizing your presence abroad to a lighter form with a view to more efficiency? Preparing your organisation for a new phase in its life? Splitting off certain components or branches of your firm for an imminent transaction? At PKF-VMB you will find the right skills to put the transformation of your organisation on the right tracks financially.

Multidisciplinary approach, even across national borders

The transformation of an organisation can set things in motion in various financial domains, such as IFRS, taxation, accounting, auditing, valuations, etc., so for this reason we usually put together a multidisciplinary team to assist with a transformation, taking account of the specific requirements for the project.

Since PKF-VMB is a member of the PKF network, we can easily assist with transformations on an international scale as well.


By keeping the transformation on the right tracks financially, we can help you to realise your business objectives. Wherever relevant, we will certainly not neglect to propose alternatives based on our best-practice experience, but in the end you and your business objectives are the focal point of the services we provide.

We can assist you with:

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"PKF-VMB's multidisciplinary approach is exactly what's needed in the event of a transformation"

Wouter Brackx
Tax partner

"Een team van zeer diverse profielen"

Anja Van Cappelle
The Reference

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