Tax planning

Whereas tax advice is usually about doing things the right way, tax planning is about doing things in a better way. Naturally, ‘business always comes first’. However, if it is feasible to simultaneously turn tax into a value driver by reducing tax costs, tax management costs and/or tax cash flow costs, then it is certainly worth evaluating alternative business scenarios from a tax point of view.

We don’t just advise on tax solutions, we propose business solutions

We know from experience that tax solutions on their own are not sustainable in the long run should your business be constrained by certain limitations. We make a point of offering pragmatic solutions that are tailored to your business needs and not the other way around.

So we spend as much time as we need on getting to know you and your business needs, as well as your criteria for a feasible solution.

Attention to anti-abuse

In the current fiscal climate, tax planning can be a delicate matter, especially if a business decision appears to be predominantly tax driven. As part of our ‘Finance for Business’ promise to clients, VMB pays special attention to the principle that any ‘tax solution’ must be a ‘business solution’ first. That way, you can be confident that the solutions we propose will be sustainable in the event of a tax audit.

"Working out a tax-efficient structure is not difficult per se. The challenge is finding one that also works for the business."

Wouter Brackx
Tax Partner

International expertise via the PKF network

The PKF International (PKFI) network consists of member firms and correspondents in 385 locations in around 125 countries providing assurance, accounting and business advisory services. PKFI member firms have $2.52 billion aggregate fee income and approximately 22 500 employees (year-end June 2013).

Contacteer: Kurt De Haen


Contacteer: Wouter Brackx