IFRS and consolidation

Moving up a gear to a recognised standard

Your company is going public, looking for capital on international markets, being taken over or just wants to move its internationalisation  up a gear. These key moments often require the introduction of different reporting standards. PKF-VMB can help you with this.

Wide experience of IFRS reporting

The correct application of IFRS standards requires not only the right theoretical knowledge, but just as importantly the practical application of the technical aspects. We can make the difference here, thanks to our extensive experience in international transitions and recurrent IFRS reports.

From standard reporting bundles to drawing up stand-alone IFRS statements, we are ready for the challenge.


Your business activities are spread around various companies, both at home and abroad. As a manager you always want to have the complete picture, including the knowledge you need of regions, products or entities. We can help you devise a reporting system or consolidate and perhaps improve your existing financial data.

We can assist you with:

  • IFRS implementation
  • Drawing up IFRS consolidated financial statements
  • Interpreting IFRS standards
  • Answering IFRS-related questions

With the support of PKF

PKF International has gained the requisite IFRS skills worldwide and has access to the necessary resources for implementing international projects. PKF offers its members the support they need by means of tools and training. Find out more on www.pkf.com/IFRS.

Contacteer: Luc Martens

E: luc.martens@vmb.be
T: +32 (0)3 237 65 60