Auditing and internal control

Doing business based on figures which give a true and fair view

Doing business means seeing opportunities, seizing them and creating value. Accurate reporting that gives a true picture of your firm's financial situation is crucial in this regard. Not only for internal decisions, but most definitely also for external stakeholders as well. With the close involvement of our partners and the deployment of experienced staff, we can give you the reassurance you need regarding your figures, based on a goal-oriented, efficiency-based approach to auditing.

External auditing

Our professionals have wide-ranging experience in auditing dynamic companies of various sizes. They not only have the right backgrounds for assessing complex transactions, but are also adept at conducting efficient audits for medium-sized enterprises. They will check your figures using a clear and unambiguous step-by-step plan.

Our External Auditing services:

  • Checking annual accounts at company level
  • Checking consolidated annual accounts at group level in accordance with Belgian or international accounting standards
  • Checking financial reports for financial institutions, etc. – e.g. in relation to subsidies
  • Specific audit assignments
  • Fraud investigations

We apply the insights we gain from our audit to identify the opportunities and risks for your organisation. Whenever possible, we provide fully independent advice on any improvements or changes.

Internal Auditing

Doing business also means taking and accepting risks. Nevertheless, you still need to control those risks so that they are kept to healthy and acceptable levels.

On the other hand, you might be obliged to sharpen up your internal auditing because of new economic conditions or new requirements with regard to due diligence or complex legal requirements. You can count on us.

Our services for Internal Auditing:

  • Analysis of the setup and effectiveness of existing internal auditing systems
  • Setting up internal auditing systems
  • Setting up and supporting an effective and efficient internal auditor function
  • Outsourcing and/or co-sourcing your internal auditor function
  • Corporate Governance

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Did you know that many statutory auditing assignments are undertaken in our external audit?

  • Contributions in kind
  • Quasi contributions
  • Conversions of companies
  • Mergers and split-ups
  • Changes in corporate purpose
  • Liquidation reports
  • Interim dividends