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Do you dream of giving financial managers, entrepreneurs and investors the benefit of your expertise? Do you value an environment with room for an entrepreneurial spirit and a personal touch, linked to a culture of expertise, trust and respect? Then don't delay: show us your financial dynamics!

How we organise ourselves

A focus on rapid growth opportunities and responsibility

Due to the multidisciplinary composition of our teams, the diversity of our clients and our broad range of services, we can offer employees rapid growth opportunities. At PKF-VMB, we guarantee a fast growth curve, meaning you are quickly faced with challenging responsibilities on several levels.

Working in a team

Teamwork and team spirit are priorities for us. Not just because they make life more pleasant in the workplace, but because they help us achieve more together.

Optimising your skills

To put skills to best use at PKF-VMB, we sit down with our people and talk about what drives them, what their goals are and where they see themselves in the future. When we as a company take into account the capacities and goals of our people, we optimise both the work environment and the end results.  That’s two birds with one stone…


Thanks to our open doors and straight talking

Our way of communicating is what makes us unique. Direct and open. That’s what we stand for. Both to our customers and to our employees.

A culture of coaching and being coached

At PKF-VMB, we aim to develop a true coaching culture. We want an organisation in which we coach each other. One that allows us to learn from each other’s experiences.


"Working for PKF-VMB means thinking along with the client, stepping into his business story."

Wim Seynaeve
Financial Management Partner






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