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Doing Business in the USA and Mandatory Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements in Belgium

26 September 2016, 9h - 11h30 Salons Waerboom, Jozef Mertensstraat 140, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

PKF-VMB Tax Consultants kindly invites you or a colleague of yours to attend a free-of-charge seminar where the following 2 topics will be addressed:

Doing business in the USA

Our guest speakers of Frazier & Deeter LLC (www.frazierdeeter.com), i.e. a US accountancy, tax and business advisory firm, and Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, Attorneys at Law, (www.agg.com) from Atlanta, Georgia USA will be pleased to elaborate on the key requirements of “Doing Business in the USA”.  As the largest economy in the world, the USA is a key market when companies consider overseas expansion and it is crucial that business operations are set up correctly so no unexpected delays, taxes or fines are experienced during the process.  Specifically, you will hear about:

  • Strategies to separate risk of US market entry from the offshore parent company and its shareholders
  • The tax implications of Belgium investment into the USA
  • Choice of location – which aspects to consider?

In essence, the objective of this seminar, hosted by US experts, is to help Belgian business leaders understand key requirements when expanding internationally into the USA. PKF-VMB and Frazier & Deeter are both member firms of PKF International (www.pkf.com) a global network of accountancy firms that helps our clients to internationalize their businesses.

New Mandatory Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements in Belgium

Recently, Belgium has introduced specific transfer pricing documentation requirements for “large” companies active in Belgium which are part of a multinational Group.   Hence, if you satisfy the conditions, you may have to file a Master File, a Local File and/or a Country–by–Country Report in Belgium.  Needless to say that this may have a significant impact on your business and Tax Function.

These new transfer pricing rules enter into force as of financial years commencing as of 1 January 2016.   During the seminar, Kurt De Haen of PKF-VMB will elaborate on the following aspects:

  • “Who” should file transfer pricing documentation in Belgium?
  • Is it possible not to file if a foreign affiliate of the Group complies with a similar local obligation?
  • What are the sanctions if you are not compliant with these rules?
  • What information needs to be disclosed?
  • What will and can the Belgium tax authorities do with the information received?
  • Other best-practice experience?

This seminar is recognized by the IAB (B0498/2016-04) and allows you to claim 2,5 hours of external permanent training.    The seminar will be held in English on 26 September 2016, between 9h – 11h30, in Salons Waerboom at Groot Bijgaarden (http://www.waerboom.com/en/info-contact/). If you or a colleague would like to attend this seminar, please kindly confirm your participation before 16 September 2016 via e-mail (anneleen.thollebeek@pkf-vmb.be).

With kind regards and sincerely looking forward to seeing you in person on 26 September 2016 !

PKF-VMB Tax Consultants