We are always ready for takeovers

A takeover is a unique moment. An entity is merged with another and together they begin a new phase A dynamic moment in which certainty and trust are crucial for a good outcome.

A wise counsellor in uncertain times

Correct due diligence is the basis of any takeover process. We make an accurate estimation of the risks and eliminate uncertainty. With this we create trust.

The right figures are only the beginning of the new phase. For this reason, assistance and advice are a crucial component of the process for PKF-VMB. We are experienced Auditors, but above all enterprising Business Advisors.

All the expertise you need from one team

In addition to matters such as financing, valuation and taxation, a takeover also has major implications in the fields of HR, administration and law. That is why we strongly believe in our Multiple Services Lines-concept, with which we can assist you as the client over the entire spectrum.

We can assist you with:

  • Transaction support
  • Financial feasibility of the project
  • Financing the takeover
  • Legal matters: takeover contracts
  • Takeover price
  • Administrative paperwork
  • Quantifying the impact

Thiry Paints: "How do you make a good business from a family business?"

With the help of a partner who carries out due diligence for the person taking over, who sets up the financial structure and looks after the negotiations.

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Contacteer: Alain Bolssens

E: alain.bolssens@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)2 460 09 60