Dynamic solutions for a growing company

Are you, as a growing company, suffering from teething problems? Have your administration and procedures failed to keep pace with the scope of your business? Is your financial administration under pressure, but taking on extra staff not an option yet? No need, our flexibility offers a solution tailored to your growth.

Our expertise as a lever

We bring in the relevant experts who will strengthen your internal skills in accordance with your growth ambitions. The intensity of our assistance is attuned to the evolution of your growth. Thus we form the financial backbone that will support your further growth.

Key to extra capital

You might perhaps need extra capital in order to realise your growth ambitions. New investors, such as banks and private equity, require a watertight financial plan before they will take a chance on you. Here too, our experts can prove invaluable to you. We can draw up your financial plan and assist you in your negotiations. Result: your chances of success increase.

We can assist you with:

"As a growing company, you have to be able to make choices with confidence"

Mobile Vikings: "How do you achieve 248 weeks of uninterrupted growth?"

By adapting your way of working to each change of pace.

"Working with multiple companies" (Dutch only)

Kurt De Haen, a partner at VMB, has written a book on working with multiple companies.

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