Tax risk management

The last thing you need is for tax risk to jeopardize the profitability, continuity or transferability of your business or your own personal liability. We can help you identify and/or mitigate any tax risks that may result from any actions taken by your company in the past.

Risk identification

One way or another, tax risk management begins with an assessment of both your current tax position and of where you would like that position to be, taken into account your own risk objectives. The scope of our review can either be general or focused on one tax area; we can also cover your business as a whole or a particular part of your business. PKF-VMB also has experience in auditing the adequacy and effectiveness of your internal controls.

Securing your tax position

At PKF-VMB, we do not sell tax rulings as commodities. Depending on how ‘strong’ your case is, we will advise you on the most suitable way of securing your tax position. This could mean, for example, negotiating a tax ruling or an administrative decision, but it can also mean compiling a defence file if, based on our experience, we estimate the chance of a positive ruling to be somewhat remote.


Tax audits & administrative litigations

Our tax consultants have extensive experience in dealing with all of the delicate aspects of a tax audit. PKF-VMB can provide assistance with technical answers during the audit and ensure that any uncertainties are resolved before they escalate into an actual assessment. Due to their specialist knowledge, our tax consultants have a long track record of successful appeals against unfair or incorrect tax assessments.

"Working out a tax-efficient structure is not difficult per se. The challenge is finding one that also works for the business."

Wouter Brackx
Tax Partner

International expertise via the PKF network

The PKF International (PKFI) network consists of member firms and correspondents in 385 locations in around 125 countries providing assurance, accounting and business advisory services. PKFI member firms have $2.52 billion aggregate fee income and approximately 22 500 employees (year-end June 2013).

Contacteer: Kurt De Haen


Contacteer: Wouter Brackx