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PKF-VMB is run by 11 partners, 20 managers and 100 employees, all of whose background, experience and specialised knowledge help propagate and monitor the "finance for dynamic business" philosophy. This ensures that added value can be offered to every client to meet their challenge.

Our partners

Our partners have backgrounds with the “Big 4” international consultancy firms. Because they get actively involved in projects, they guarantee continuity and can better finetune their working methods from one year to the next according to a client’s specific requirements.

Luc Martens

Luc Martens is an Audit Partner in the Antwerp branch. He focuses mainly on clients who are active internationally as well as those  with a certain complexity. Throughout his career, Luc - both as auditor (internal and external) and advisor - has built up wide and practical knowledge in the fields of international accounting standards, consolidation, internal auditing and reporting. He also regularly acts as advisor when assisting companies in their growth processes.

E: luc.martens@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)3 237 65 60
LinkedIN: be.linkedin.com/pub/luc-marten...

Alain Bolssens

Alain Bolssens is Transaction Services partner in the Brussels and Antwerp branches. As an advisor, he specialises in transaction support in the broadest sense, such as due diligence assignments, valuations, assisting in MBO/MBIs, advising on takeover financing, structuring takeovers, etc. He often acts as consultant for private equity funds.

E: alain.bolssens@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)2 460 09 60
LinkedIN: be.linkedin.com/pub/alain-bols...

Wim Seynaeve

Wim Seynaeve is Financial Management Partner in the Brussels branch, focusing on outsourcing for SMEs. Since 2004 he has played various CFO roles in smaller, dynamic companies, both private and public. His speciality is professionalising the Finance position and the Finance team in such companies.

E: wim.seynaeve@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)2 460 09 60

Ingrid Vosch

Ingrid Vosch is Audit Partner in Limburg. In addition to her role as company auditor/supervisory director focusing on family companies and non-profit organisations in Limburg and the Antwerp Kempen, she is much in demand by SMEs for financial support in the fields of (bank) reporting, auditing, takeover assistance and consolidation.

E: ingrid.vosch@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)11 64 11 34

Kurt De Haen

Kurt De Haen is Tax Partner in Brussels. As a certified tax consultant, Kurt has been specialising in various aspects of local and international tax matters. This includes both corporate and personal taxation for residents and non-residents of Belgium. Kurt therefore has wide experience of analysing and applying double-taxation treaties and regularly negotiates fiscal rulings.

E: kurt.dehaen@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)2 460 09 60

Wouter Brackx

Wouter Brackx is Tax Partner in the Brussels branch. He specialises in indirect taxes (VAT, registration duties, and so on), in both a national and international context. He has particular experience in the automotive, leasing and ICT sectors, but also works for various associations and a number of luxury brands. In addition, he often gives advice on real estate projects and regularly assists clients with their administrative (dispute) procedures.

E: wouter.brackx@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)2 460 09 60

Stefan Agten

Stefan Agten is Accounting Partner in Limburg and is an accountant and tax consultant. In addition to his role as accountant with a strong focus on family businesses Limburg, he devotes a lot of time to financial support and the structuring of SMEs. Stefan likes to work on the basis of a relationship of trust with his client, as an independent partner who thinks along with his client in a personal way, offering advice and playing an active role. He is not pushy, nor overly cautious, but he gets right to the heart of the matter.

E: stefan.agten@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)11 64 11 34

Bart Palmans

Bart Palmans is Accounting partner in Limburg. In addition to his role as accountant, he focuses on the digitization of administrative processes and on giving financial support to SME’s. He is a sounding board for the management in making financial and strategic decisions.

E: bart.palmans@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)11 64 11 34

Ellen Tindemans

Ellen Tindemans is Audit Partner in the Antwerp office. She has acquired experience in international and non-profit organizations, as well as in family owned SME’s. Over the past few years Ellen has been specializing in assisting and auditing non-profit organizations and growing SME’s, gaining relevant experience in organizations with a significant social dimension.

E: ellen.tindemans@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)3 237 65 60
LinkedIN: be.linkedin.com/in/ellen-tinde...

Patrick Indenhoek

Patrick Indenhoek is Accounting partner in Limburg. He is a certified accountant and tax consultant. In addition to his role as an accountant, he specializes in tax optimization by constantly following the latest developments in tax legislation. Patrick is in close contact with his customers. He acts as their confidant in order to propose effective and clear solutions with knowledge.

E: patrick.indenhoek@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)11 64 11 34
LinkedIN: /www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-i...

Nico Van der Goten

Nico Van der Goten is Accounting partner in Antwerp. He is a certified accountant and tax consultant. In addition to his role as an accountant, he monitors the constant renewal and optimization of the internal processes within our accounting department. Efficiency and accuracy are very important to him. Nico has many years of experience in the field of accountancy and has worked a part of his career as a financial director at an SME. Because of his previous experiences, he understands the needs of the entrepreneur and thinks along with the client in a pragmatic way.  

E: nico.vandergoten@pkf-vmb.be
T: +32 (0)3 237 65 60
LinkedIN: /www.linkedin.com/in/nico-van-...

"The range of the fields of expertise that we have brought together is an achievement in itself."

Luc Martens
Audit Partner

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